Web Content Writer Needs a Better Name

Stop Using the Phrase “Web Content”!

You hear it over and over again if you’re trying to promote your website. “Web Content”, Content, Content.

In fact, in this article and all others I need to use the phrase in them too (a lot- like it or not), when I talk about my service in reference to hiring a freelance writer.

But I don’t really like the term, and think it’s become overused. There are millions of pieces of “content” that are created each day, and successful and not-so-successful ways of promoting it so you can get potential readers/consumers/clients/donors/supporters to come visit you and hear what you have to say. But what does that really mean?

What’s My Problem Here, Anyway?

“Content” isn’t the way I would choose to describe these contributions if I had my own way (the other billions of people on the globe may disagree, so think I’m outta luck there…) Content to me refers to something very generic, typing words on a screen so that people will read them. I mean isn’t that the point of all writing, ever done, in the first place?

Does this phrase even need to be discussed, isn’t it kinda sorta implied when discussing words? I just suppose as a web writer I’ve heard the term so often that I’m starting to grow numb to it, like we’re talking about a process similar to the drive up at McDonald’s.

Hire Freelance Writer Web Content Old School Printing Blocks

Do we really need a unique term to identify marketing the info about products, services or causes on a website?

You want to provide something of value to the people who stop by your site and check you out. Yep. And suppose this describes the fact that (most) websites aren’t just places to get a phone number or address to call or visit any more. The keyword being most; there are certainly exceptions.

But again, isn’t that kind of a given by now? When you are talking about this type of marketing, you might as well be recommending the concept of “getting people come read your words”. Just seems so general a statement it doesn’t need to be described in any more detail.

Think Value, Not Generic

As an SEO-based freelance web writer, who develops copywriting used in blogs and other static, menu-type pages or landing page for companies online every day, I have and will continually need to use this description. Again, I don’t get to make the rules of the web. And I’m really not sure what to replace the phrase with either, so there’s a major caveat for you! Something that includes a concept such as “knowledge” or “expertise” maybe?

I just believe there could be other, more descriptive ways to identify this type of website, social media, email marketing, etc. online promotion.

You can build visits to your site in many ways, one of the primary ones being adding fresh, unique and well researched and written copywriting often (I will avoid the use of the term for at least the rest of this article!)

And make sure it provides a real benefit to your readers. What problems do they have? What challenges do they face? And how can you help them solve these problems? If you do this, everything else will wall in to place.

Having a consistent program in place that allows you to get new info out on your website of a frequent basis is vital, and we can help in a very cost-effective way if you need it. Companies that use the techniques described through all our pages have higher ROI than those who don’t.

When you and your company lack the time, desire, or ability to stick to a publishing schedule, please shoot me an email at jhaynes@hattrickassociates.com, contact us here or give me a call at (314) 494-3494.

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