Video Content Marketing is Changing the Way We View Advertising

Video Content Marketing – The Value of 5 Seconds

Content marketing has evolved, and in video content marketing perhaps the most. It wasn’t that long ago when you had no choice but to either be exposed to an advertisement, or turn the channel, station or webpage.

But of how times have changed.

This can best be seen in the ads you see on Youtube every day. There is a rise in the number of non “opt-out” ads today, of 15 to 30 seconds, which you cannot avoid in its entirety prior to your requested clip…and your only option for avoiding any portion of it is to turn your sound down and then back up again, an onerous task for those so used to instant gratification.

But more pervasive now, and far more effective, are the much longer ads that you now see, essentially advertisements in the guise short stories.

You have certainly noticed the trend (unless your heart is made of black coal!) that a tear or two might well up in your eyes more often these days as well when viewing videos. These short stories now feature more poignant moments than ever before, mini-movies in a sense that play upon the very basic emotions we all experience in day to day living.

There is a catch to these types of advertising, however.

The Skip in 5…4…3…2…1 option, created to make the site more palatable as “free” and to encourage its overall use, has made it more critical than ever that an ad grab your attention as a target audience, and hold it there from the very first frame.

Content Marketing Video Youtube Advertisers

Today’s Marketer Often Has Just 5 Seconds to Make Their Impression Last

Advertisers know that they have 5 seconds to provide you with enough detail and interest that you decide to give the ad another 5 or 10 seconds of watch time – hoping you’ll then be engaged enough in the story being told that you stick around for all or most of it.

This leaves another conundrum for advertisers. Do they display their branding in these first few moments, guaranteeing that you will see their name but also running the risk of screaming “AD!” in these first few seconds, turning away a large audience that has come to view the daily bombardment we all receive from ads each day as something to be avoided at all costs?

It’s an interesting phenomenon, and one that will certainly evolve and grow over time as the format of video content marketing becomes ever more pervasive. But it seems that one thing will not change in the future – advertisers know that they must create compelling stories that grab their audience’s attention far more quickly than in the past.

Ones that generate enough interest to actually allow them to share the true intent and purpose of their marketing and content messages. Commercials that simply focus on features and benefits, on shots of the product or service being provided, or similar to what has been done previously for so many years just won’t cut it in 2016.

The companies that adapt to this new way of communicating will be the ones that succeed. As always, those companies that lag behind in this evolution of online marketing won’t. Be sure your company is the former, and not the latter.

Best Online Writer Can Help Support Your Video Content Marketing

At Best Online Writer we create content marketing pieces that support all of the various channels that you need to use for the best opportunities for future growth and profitability of your organization.

In much the same way as YouTube has changed the face of online video advertising, your web content must adapt in the same way, to hold a reader’s attention span which has become exponentially shorter long enough that they engage with your site and ultimately convert into a customer, client, donor or volunteer.

We write with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, using the correct techniques and writing form to gain the most attention from search engines such as Google, ensuring you the best position possible in search results and generating the most traffic available to your website at that moment.

We also create and write to maintain publishing consistent calendars for our clients, something that typical business owners have not the time, desire or knowledge of online marketing and writing skills to do on their own.

Give me a call at (314) 494-3494 to get the conversation started about how we can help you achieve the maximum level of profitability for your company’s website, or contact me here.

I would love to share with you the detailed research we have gleaned which show the tremendous benefits of writing for content marketing and help you get a plan in place. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jim Haynes- Owner, Best Online Writer

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