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What is SEO Web Content?

Web content can refer to a number of different things, but the first that usually comes to mind is website and blog writing. These categories identify the two main ways that content is added to a website. Other forms of content, such as audio and video, infographics and photos, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, white papers and press releases, are added to the website via one of these two ways.

The primary purpose of web content of course is converting visitors into customers. And it does this by building the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website, which determines where your site comes up in search results when Internet users are conducting searches for products and services like yours. The engines like Google use the type of content you share, its quality, and how often it is added to the site as major variables that affect your SEO. There are many others, but your content is #1, as you would probably assume. But many companies struggle with posting high quality content on their site regularly. Why is this?

C-level executives at some of the largest and most influential corporations across the nation, in addition to a good number of small and medium sized companies, were surveyed in 2015 about their current content needs and how they were being addressed. Their results:


Drive your website to #1 on Google with keyword research rich content. You can easily specify keywords if you’d like, or we can do research into what is trending in your field or industry.

Each of our long-term clients have experienced significant online success and increased ROI from the content we have created for them. The keys are sticking to the established publishing schedule (a very difficult thing for clients to manage on their own, long-term), and writing well-researched, conversion and SEO-based, expertly-edited web content.

Biggest Obstacles to Creating Web Content

Our writers have worked in many fields and industries, and we have content strategists, SEO copywriters, social media managers, ad copywriters, creative and fiction writers, you name it.

We can also help you create video, which not only improves user experience and attracts more high quality leads that convert at higher levels, but has a major effect on SEO too.

It’s significant to note that three-quarters (75%) of executives said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly.

What Do the Blogging Stats Say?

The benefits of blogging are more significant than you likely realize. If you make a commitment to consistently blog, you will reap the benefits, without any question. And your blog continues working for you day and night, bring you leads you wouldn’t have without it. Check out these impressive numbers from 2015 research on blogs that posted almost daily:

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Use a Service that Actually Works

At Best Online Writer we work with companies just like yours to create the web content you need to gain the SEO visibility that brings traffic to your site, and then converts them once they arrive – the real goal after all, right?

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