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The true value of any post, regardless of where is resides, is interaction. For many sites this means making a sale or donation, or getting a visitor to sign up for something. Others may simply be educational – there is no profit motive at  all, but the writer simply hopes to convey information to you for consideration.

Receiving comments on your business blog is exciting. It proves that someone is reading your posts and gaining value from them. The more comments your blog receives, the more people will feel compelled to join the conversation. In time, your blog comments can become a community.

Some niches lend themselves more readily to commentary. Often people who also write will make comments (I often do on the topic forums that I follow) Bloggers are accustomed to engaging with the articles they read and continuing the conversation with the  author. In most categories however audiences are made up of passive readers who simply never comment on blog posts – though they may still share your content if they think their network will find it useful. This has slowly become the norm

Make sure your blog is set up to receive comments. There’s so many commenting systems to choose from: you can use WordPress’ default comment system, or use Facebook comments, Disqus, CommentLuv – just to name a few options. Use a familiar format that won’t slow down your website or confuse your potential commenters. You might have to experiment with a few platforms to find your favorite.

Turn off CAPTCHAs, required registration, and any other obstacles that could make it more difficult for your readers to comment.

Tips For Getting More Comments

One good way is to simply ask. At he end of your post ask your readers to chime in with a comment. Prompt them with a question so it’ll be easy for them to think of what to say.

Exchange Comments with Other Bloggers

By commenting on other blogs in your niche, you’ll create a few backlinks while attracting new readers. The blog author may also decide to reciprocate by commenting on your blog. Be sure to leave insightful comments that you’d be glad to receive to get the same in return.

Respond Quickly

Responding to all of your commentators right away isn’t just good manners – it compels your readers to return to your blog and comment again. Even if it’s just to say, “thanks,” readers will appreciate it when you respond to them. Notify commentators that they received a reply if your platform allows.

Leave Posts Open-Ended

If all of your blog posts are purely informational, there won’t be much for your readers to say other than, “great post!” Once in a while, write a post that asks a question, rather than answers one. Share a controversial idea that will get the conversation started without offending your readers.

Host Giveaways

You can use giveaways to encourage readers to leave comments on your blog. A widget like Rafflecopter awards extra entries when entrants comment on your blog.  Offering these once in a while could help your readers consider the “leave a comment” button more often and become more likely to engage with you.

Promote Archived Posts

Paradoxically, re-purposing old content from your website is one way to keep it fresh. Get some love on your previous posts by promoting them on your social media accounts. Tweet a question and link to your blog, with “What do you think? Share your view in the comments,” will encourage social media users to visit your website to join the conversation.

And don’t forget, many conversations that were conducted on blog comments years ago are still happening…they’re just happening on social media. And you also need to have significant traffic to generate comments too; small numbers of visitors each month won’t create much talking.

All of this said, what do you think of comments?

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