What are the Results of Content Writing Done Well?

Results of Content Writing on Your Site

I’ve mentioned before, and will say again, I have disliked the word web “content” from the very beginning! To me it implies some sort of generic commodity, bought and sold by the pound. Which is precisely the opposite of what this term represents. But what are the true results of content writing on your website, and how can you improve their impact?

Results of Content Writing Can Be SubstantialBack when I first began writing for the web, in the later 00s, it was simply that – web writing, or online copywriting. Or Blogging, since that was and still is the easiest way to add new content to your site on a regular basis. I’d been freelance writing professionally for about a decade then, and even in just these last 6 years the Internet has changed substantially. The average website was certainly smaller than it is today, and a higher percentage of companies still didn’t have one yet. (You’re almost hopelessly behind the times now without one of course, unless you are a new enterprise).

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re stuck with a phrase you might have heard before, “content marketing”. New name, but same meaning. Content is anything you publish on your website – new pages, blog posts, infographics, photos, video.

Over the years there have always been numerous tricks that SEOs used that Google caught on to and then changed their algorithms to account for them. In many ways it’s a cat and mouse game: Clever SEOs find ways to get their sites to rank perhaps unworthy (sometimes, very unworthy!) of such lofty status, then Google releases another set of changes to combat them. The war between hackers and IT security specialists is much the same way. Exploit a weakness until it is discovered and that door is closed.

Things are different with high-quality content. Content needs to be written and have coding in the background as well as things like URLs, Title Tags and Meta Tags that are done correctly. And there are other variables which are important; how many words a post should have for example (400, for those counting at home) But the main key is that it needs to be well written, sharing a point of view, data or a story worth sharing or engaging with.

All the valuable knowledge you have about your business or organization. Important information about your topic, product or service. Again, personal insight into your field, or data about your industry. Adding high-quality stuff on a regular basis is key to SEO, the popularity of your website. This should come as no surprise. “Content” tells your story to visitors. It educates and motivates them to take some sort of action or engagement with you. And unlike other tricks and trends that are designed to fool Google into higher rankings, you can never go wrong with too much great content.

Content is also what attracts the search engines like Google. It shows you’re a leader in your market or re: your topic of interest, with the type of info that searchers want, making you worthy of higher rankings. Great content creates links from other websites, and people share it too.

Stop Wasting Money on Temporary Ads

For many businesses, the long-term return on investment from building their content is higher than any other promotion they can do. I was reminded of this just recently, while putting together a sales letter for a particular business I’d like to work with.

Research into their industry found that the suggested bid using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising was about $4 per visitor. This isn’t outrageous when compared to many other industries; for very competitive keywords you might pay $10 or more!

To be conservative, let’s say you paid half that, or $2 per visitor. Simple math means $100 buys you 50 visits. Then your ad vanishes of course, the benefit to your company gone. By comparison, when you post a new article, you own that content forever.

I then researched and found my most popular page, all-time from my old HTA website. It was a web copywriting and proofreading article I wrote way back in January of 2011. After it was published I didn’t do anything additional to promote it.

That page has been viewed 8,146 times since then.

In some cases web content marketing won’t work. If you have a sale next week or an event next month, you can’t wait around for SEO kick in – you need people to see it right now. But the results of content writing are clear in almost every other situation, and they are substantial increases in readership and ultimately, engagement.

For nearly everything else though, content is the way to go. It took some time to get there…but 8,146 visitors compared to 50 can’t be wrong! Creating and sharing as much as you can online works, period.

Many business owners don’t have the time, desire or knowledge of effective web writing and SEO to publish their own content on any regular basis. If this sounds familiar, get help! When it’s time to hire a freelance writer, I hope you’ll think of me. The point made here however is no matter who does the work (though being an expert web content writer certainly helps!) the fact is that content is key to building your online authority and popularity, and ultimately, profitability.

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(*my first company was actually an online resume writing service, but I soon realized the better I did my job, the less likely I’d ever have any repeat business!)

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